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November 11, 2022

Primrose Pandas are Respectful, Responsible and Safe

Mission: Barrington Public School’s mission is to empower all students to excel in character, citizenship, collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking, so that they may positively impact the future.

Vision: Together we inspire, learn, love and grow.

Dear Primrose Families,

Thank you to all of our servicemen and women who have served and especially to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Today marks an important day in our country’s history and an opportunity to share our gratitude with our Veterans. Students throughout our school spent time this week learning about this holiday and its significance. Here are just a few examples and photos:

  • Collaborative flag project

  • Thank you letters and notes to our Veterans

  • Reading several books including The Wall by Eve Bunting

  • Learning about first hand experiences of a National Guardsman’s when he was deployed and creating cards for him and those who served with him

  • Writing poetry based on their learning:


Veterans served in the military

Every veteran is honored

There are five branches of the military

Every branch has special jobs

Remember November 11th

Always respect veterans

National holiday since 1938

Soldiers fought for freedom

Day was once called Armistice Day

A day to honor those that serve

You should thank a veteran

Written by the 2nd grade students in Mrs. Thomas’ class


With respect and gratitude,

Coleen Smith and our Primrose Family

Lost and Found: Each week it shrinks and grows. Please have your child check the bench in the lobby or send in a note if you are missing any items. There are several additional jackets, coats and sweatshirts this week. If you know of any missing items, please let us know.

NOVEMBER IS NATIONAL GRATITUDE MONTH (abbreviated version of written piece by By Cord Himelstein)

 Increasing the amount of gratitude in our daily lives is a wonderful way to improve mental and physical health, job satisfaction, and overall happiness. National Gratitude Month reminds us that kindness can be one of the most powerful tools out there for building social bonds and achieving success, with incredible statistics to back it up. 

Why is Gratitude so Powerful? 

According to a vast majority of psychologists, researchers, and experts, gratitude is one of the few things that can literally change our lives for the better. There is a strong correlation between increased feelings of happiness and self-worth and giving or receiving gratitude, so much so that one is practically a function of the other. We are happy because we are grateful, not the other way around. The power of sincere gratitude is easily underrated since it costs nothing to give and its effects can seem invisible, but any gesture of appreciation is empty without it. It doesn’t matter who you are – if everyone took a minute to express gratitude to an acquaintance or colleague, even just once per day, the positive benefits would still be enormous. Amazing Gratitude Statistics Practicing gratitude at work and home benefits those around you and is a “gateway drug” to better personal mental health. 

Here are 10 amazing statistics to show you how: 

  • Regular gratitude journaling has been shown to result in 5% to 15% increases in optimism and 25% increased sleep quality. 

  • Gratitude reduces toxic aggression, frustration, and regret even after receiving negative feedback. 

  • In a study of 800 descriptive trait words, “grateful” was rated in the top 4% in terms of likeability. 

  • Over 90% of American teens and adults indicated that expressing gratitude made them “extremely happy” or “somewhat happy”. 

  • A five-minute daily gratitude journal can increase long-term well-being by 10%. 

A Worthy Pursuit:

Sometimes it can be extra-difficult to find something to be grateful about, especially after a not-so-good day (or year!). That’s why increasing the amount of gratitude in our daily lives can be so beneficial to so many arenas of life. We so often get wrapped up in the anxiety of external events that we lose sight of the things we still have to be thankful for. 

Looks like this weekend would be a great option to go for a gratitude scavenger hunt…


Primrose Hill Food Drive:Nov. 16-Dec. 2

The East Bay Food Pantry

Needs YOUR Help! Thank you in advance for your kind donations………………………………

All donations will be collected in the front foyer starting November 16th to December 2nd

HOLIDAY FOOD:Z                               PANTRY STAPLES:

• canned vegetables                            • soup

• stuffing                                               • ravioli (canned)

• cranberry sauce                                 • cereal/oatmeal

• gravy                                                   • canned vegetables

• quick bread mix                                 • canned fruit               

• dessert mix                                        • granola bars

                                                              • pasta

                                                              • rice

                                                              • crackers


Night Out at The Guild Huge thanks to our school community for the incredible turnout at the Parents Night Out at The Guild. Parents, teachers, and staff went above and beyond to support our music program and assemblies through raffle baskets, tickets, and coming out to have a fun night together. Check out photos on the PTO Facebook page, thanks everyone! 

PTO Website: Please take a quick moment to log into the PTO website and opt into the family directory at Once this is done, you’ll be included in the Room Parents' list to be informed when class parties, events, and fundraisers are being planned.

Support the Primrose Hill PTO through Box Tops for Education and Amazon Smile!



Box Tops for Education:  No more clipping! All you need to do is download the app and scan your receipts. The new and improved Box Tops mobile app finds participating products on your receipts and instantly adds money to the school's earnings online. Box Tops works with paper receipts and digital receipts. 


 Here's how to sign up for Box Tops for Education:

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If you are interested in helping out with any events at school, please reach out! New software helps parents connect with other parents (great for planning play dates and birthday parties), pre-register for events (and avoid standing in line!), learn about volunteer opportunities (YOU make Primrose the amazing school it is by your participation and support), and so much more!

Have a wonderful weekend!