BPS Volunteer Program   

Barrington schools welcome parents and community members who wish to contribute their valuable time and talents to enriching the academic experience of our students.

Volunteer activities offer parents and community members opportunities to engage with their local school and support student learning. These experiences are mutually rewarding to students, parents, partners, and schools.

Volunteer Process

Prospective BPS Volunteers

  1. Obtain a RI BCI (criminal records check). Per RI State Law, All School Volunteers must have a RI BCI. The BCI must be submitted to the School Volunteer Office prior to volunteering. How to Get a BCI

  2. Attend a new volunteer orientation   New Volunteer Orientation, read and sign the BPS Volunteer Code of Conduct. BPS Volunteer Code of Conduct

Approval Process: When your BCI document is received by the BPS Volunteer Office, your name will be entered into a BPS database as “BCI Approved.” This will be made available to all school administrations. The BCI is valid for two years. 

Returning BPS Volunteers

 Must resubmit a BCI every two years. How to Get a BCI

BPS Partner in Learning

For questions about volunteering or volunteer opportunities, please contact the BPS Volunteer Coordinator, Anita DiMatteo, DiMatteoA@barringtonschools.org   


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