Barrington High School Participates in Redesign Accelerator

30 High Schools. 150+ Educators. 3 Days. 14 Redesign Rock Stars. 

What a fantastic few days. Hundreds of educators accomplished big goals at this year's 2019 High School Redesign Accelerator. Among them, attendees:
  • GOT INSPIRED by some of the best thinkers and doers in high schools today - our "Redesign Rock Stars" - who helped help teams imagine what is possible for students in their own schools. 
  • CREATED concrete action plans designed to guide teams' immediate next steps to accelerate the redesign efforts.
  • RODE THE WAVE of momentum toward building networks of schools from across Colorado and from as far away as Rhode Island and Massachusetts and developing a "high school redesign movement" to make redesigned schools the norm rather than the exception.
We've shared resources and tools on our website, including:

What did educators say about the High School Redesign Accelerator?


"This was an incredibly intentional and thoughtfully crafted experience. From the environment to the food to the collaborative work time, I appreciated this experience so much and know that the inspiration and vision of our team will similarly inspire our staff upon our return to our school."  

"The [HSRA] was awesome. Allowing us more time to work on our projects so we are guaranteed to leave with tangible outcomes."

"I love the work you guys do! In my 5+ years as a teacher, no other organization has inspired or motivated me as much as you!"

Responses like these are gratifying and humbling. The entire CEI team worked tirelessly to ensure that this convening was more than the typical conference. We wanted the HSRA experience to be profound and impactful - and we were grateful to have amazing attendees who dove right into the work. Thank you to everyone who helped make this incredible event happen!