Purpose & Mission

To learn the general topics of Astronomy, such as planets and their types/conditions, galaxies, constellations and other astronomical objects observable with the naked eye, theories, history, and more. We hope to do so by watching documentaries and/or lectures, creating projects, discussing and even organizing events and stargazing sessions. And beneath all of these aspirations we will maintain a fun, easy-going, environment that is open for all those who, below the infinite, wish to feel...humbled.




Debra Depietro

Meeting Dates or Calendar

We meet on the first Tuesday of every month, after school in Room 306. We will have a planning meeting the last Tuesday of the month to prepare for the following week's meeting. This will also be after school in 306. Occasionally, there will be evening sessions for observing and other star parties. These will be announced here and on Sunrise. 

Keep looking up!