Chain Reaction Club


The purpose of the Chain Reaction Club is to promote kindness and compassion throughout the Barrington High School community. We hope to foster the development of a culture of awareness, understanding and acceptance so that all individuals are valued and treated with respect.

Leadership Team 2023-2024

President - Gianna Vigliotti

Vice-President - Clover Burke

Alexandra Hope

Ariba Saoda

Laurie Garcia

Maude Smith-Montross

Ava Jantz

Lillian Weinstein

Addy Jay

Karthik Mitta

Faculty Advisor - Mr. Appel


Chain Reaction Club (CRC) updates about upcoming meetings and events will be announced on our Canvas page. If you'd like more information about the club, email Mr. Appel ( who will add you to the Canvas page. Feel free to reach out any time!


Every spring we invite the entire Barrington community to participate in A Day Without Hate. Last year's event was held on Friday, April 28, 2023. Check out the  awesome profile of a previous event on the Rachel's Challenge web site.

See the Day Without Hate website for lots more amazing ideas!


Every October, we celebrate Unity Day, a national bullying awareness campaign sponsored by On this day we wear orange. Check out our 2022 Unity Day promotional video.