What We Do

All Chain Reaction Club (CRC) updates will now be on our Canvas page. If you'd like more information about the club, email Mr. Appel appelj@barringtonschools.org or Mrs. Correia correiaa@barringtonschools.org and we will add you to the Canvas page. Feel free to reach out to us any time!

On February 11, 2021, we held our first in person club meeting of the year and we dedicated it to our Barrington High School seniors. We made a poster for every senior, 290 in total, and hung them all over the school. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the posters, so here they are (or watch the slideshow below)! Many thanks to the 40 Chain Reaction Club members who were Covid tested, practiced social distancing and wore masks so that we could make this happen. It wasn't like any club meeting we've ever had, but it was wonderful to see everyone working together to support our seniors!

A Day Without Hate

Every spring we invite the entire Barrington community to participate in A Day Without Hate. Check out the  awesome profile of our event on the Rachel's Challenge web site.

How can you celebrate DWOH?
Wear white, the color of peace.

Paint Peace Posters and hang them in your school, home or business. 

See the Day Without Hate web site for lots more amazing ideas!

Unity Day

Every October, we celebrate Unity Day, a national bullying awareness campaign sponsored by Pacer.org. On this day we wear orange.